Queen's Prize Artisan Display

Please plan to attend our 3rd annual Queen's Prize Artisan Display

  • Queens Prize at Baronial Birthday and Investiture- Nov 19th 2022- Barony of One Thousand Eyes

Sponsors!!! Register your artisan(s) for the display!!!

What Is It?

Like the Laurel’s Prize, these are non-judged artisan display where artisans typically sit with their work and are present for questions/kudos/etc. In this case, every artisan who displays is sponsored and the sponsor supplies a Prize for every artisan sponsored.

  • Those with an A&S-type award of AoA level or below may be sponsored to display.

    • This only pertains to Arts & Sciences awards (e.g. a Knight of the SCA with a Golden Maple Leaf is eligible to display.)

  • Those with an A&S-type award of GoA level or Laurels are the sponsors.

    • A person with a GoA level A&S type award may sponsor 2 artisans.

    • A Laurel may sponsor 4 artisans.

    • The Queen, or other key sponsor, may sponsor artisans as they and the event coordinator see fit.

    • Each sponsor must supply a prize for every artisan that they sponsor.

    • Sponsors can work with their sponsored artisans to help them be ready.

  • Every Artisan receives a prize, sponsors must supply a prize for every artist they sponsor. Delivery of the Prize and nature of the prize is between the sponsor and their artist

  • Come ready for a great day!

    • Recommending that Artisans bring 1-2 items (put your best foot forward!) But, since this is not a formally judged occasion, there isn't a hard limit.

    • No requirement for multiple categories.

    • Documentation is not required (but totally welcome!)

    • Display is open for all to view!

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