Queen's and Princess's Prize Artisan Displays

Thanks for attending our first ever Queen's and Princess's Prize Displays!

What Is It?

Like the Laurel’s Prize, these are non-judged artisan display where artisans typically sit with their work and are present for questions/kudos/etc. In this case, every artisan who displays is sponsored and the sponsor supplies a Prize for every artisan sponsored.

  • Those with an A&S-type award of AoA level or below may be sponsored to display.
    • This only pertains to Arts & Sciences awards (e.g. a Knight of the SCA with a Golden Maple Leaf is eligible to display.)
  • Those with an A&S-type award of GoA level or Laurels are the sponsors.
    • A person with a GoA level A&S type award may sponsor 2 artisans.
    • A Laurel may sponsor 4 artisans.
    • The Queen, or other key sponsor, may sponsor artisans as they and the event coordinator see fit.
    • Each sponsor must supply a prize for every artisan that they sponsor.
    • Sponsors can work with their sponsored artisans to help them be ready.
  • Every Artisan receives a prize
    • Starting with the Queen (or key Sponsoring person) who awards a prize to whomever they would prefer.
    • If there are other key sponsors, such as local Baronage, they might go next.
    • All artisans not otherwise recognized is then called in random order to make a choice from the loot present.
  • Come ready for a great day!
    • Recommending that Artisans bring 1-2 items (put your best foot forward!) But, since this is not a formally judged occasion, there isn't a hard limit.
    • No requirement for multiple categories.
    • Documentation is not required (but totally welcome!)
    • It is hoped that Artisans will sit with/near their items ready to chat!
    • Display is open for all to view!
  • Queen's Prize vs Princess's Prize
    • I already am sponsored for Queen's Prize but I am more likely to make it to Princess's Prize. What do I do?
      • Ask your sponsor! Are they willing to sponsor you to the other display? (i.e. will they attend or ensure that the prize make it there with someone else?) Then they can contact me and I will switch it over! If they can't then you are welcome to find a different sponsor for Queen's Prize!
    • I have potentially lost my mind and would like to display at both. May I?
      • You will need to be sponsored separately to each, but if you would like to trek to both corners of the kingdom to display, then we are thrilled with having you in both! ;)

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