The University of ARTemisia is broken into ten separate colleges.

Colleges of the University

  • College of Apothecary and Culinary Sciences
    • Includes: Cooking, brewing, candle making, distillations, and oils
    • Colors: Gules and Argent
  • College of Culture
    • Includes: Linguistics, fief holding and animal husbandry, period beliefs and practices, and other aspects of day-to-day life (as well as modern SCA culture)
    • Colors: Purpure and Argent
  • College of Hard Sciences
    • Includes: Astronomy, medicine, mathematics, scientific tools and any other hard sciences
    • Colors: Vert and Argent
  • College of Heraldic Arts
    • Includes: Processionals, banners, orders of precedence, other use of heraldry, or any other aspect of heraldic design and display
    • Colors: Vert and Or
  • College of History
    • Includes: Specific battles, scenes, or other occurrences or any other historical-event based information
    • Colors: Sable and Or
  • College of Military Sciences
    • Includes: Historical and SCA fighting techniques, armoring, weapon making, tactics, and strategy
    • Colors: Sable and Argent
  • College of Non-Textile Arts
    • Includes: Material endeavors in non-fiber or paper media such as wood, metal, enameling, ceramic, leatherworking, glass, stone, and bone
    • Colors: Gules and Or
  • College of Performing Arts
    • Include: Juggling, singing, storytelling, dancing, acting, and any other aspects of performance
    • Colors: Azure and Argent
  • College of Textile Arts
    • Includes: Spinning, weaving, embroidery, costuming, and anything involving thread, fibers and/or fabric
    • Colors: Azure and Or
  • College of Visual Arts
    • Includes: Illumination, calligraphy, drawing, book-binding, printing, and other typically paper, parchment or canvas based arts
    • Colors: Purpure and Or

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